Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Detailed, Lacks Windows XP Support

March 17, 2010, By Atul Roach

For me the Windows XP is one of the finest Operating Systems but, the hard reality is that XP is now outdated and who better than Microsoft to endorse the fact. Microsoft has detailed its latest version of the web browser, Internet Explorer 9 and the version lacks support for Windows XP. Apparently, it is time to upgrade to Windows 7 if IE9 is to be fully explored, and there should be no mourning over the fact that it lacks support for the ‘outdated’ XP.

IE9 now comes with support for HTML 5 and that brings in added benefits such as h.264 video playback, CSS3 support and SVG graphics along with the Javascript engine and 2D graphics acceleration.

Since HTML 5 is the future of the internet in ways more than one, it is good to know that the world’s most popular browser incorporated HTML 5 support in its latest form, especially when it brings in a JavaScript engine.

The advantage of a JavaScript engine is that it makes browsing heavier websites more snappier, which will let IE9 compete with faster browsers such as Firefox and Safari. [via: Geeky-Gadgets]

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