Spring Design Alex eReader now available for pre-order; US web store launched

March 16, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Spring Design has brought to the market its dual screen multimedia Alex eReader. To be available on www.springdesign.com starting today, the device is the first ever eReader that would offer international versions of the product through its local country partners connecting to local bookstores. If you are someone who can’t resist the lure, please feel free to pre-order your Android-based Alex eReader now.

A charmer of a device, the Alex eReader comes with capabilities that support eBooks in EPUB, PDF, HTML and TXT formats. Further, the full Internet browsing feature that deploys WiFi connectivity would help you read and download books, access online audio and video content, communicate using Gmail and chat and use a slew of Google Android applications. This Android gadget is here to stay.

Google’s bookstore that boasts of with over one million titles, and other bookstores that support Adobe DRM can get connected with the new Alex eReader.  One good thing we like about the Alex eReader is that we will be able to shift content the color LCD screen to the 6-inch EPD screen so that easy reading is possible. A full color 3.5-inch Android touchscreen LCD helps in multi-tasking over the Internet, while functions such as annotating and highlighting or even linking to relevant audio, video, and web links are made possible with the EPD screen. Spring has incorporated technology in such a way that content can be viewed on both screens simultaneously with the Duet Navigator.

Now, if you are someone living far off the US, Spring has made arrangements wherein pre-orders will be shipped before mid-April. The maker has also struck deals with multiple international partners to jointly deliver multi-language versions of Alex for countries speaking Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Korean and Hebrew. We like that.

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