iPad decked up with diamonds for $19,999: Would you approve of it?

March 16, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You may just have a few more days for the iPad to arrive in your hands, but somebody out there is set to make hay while the tablet shines. Imagine an iPad decked in diamonds! Guys at Mervis Diamond Exporters have just put up for sale on their site an iPad that looks like it has fallen in a pit full of diamonds. We are just shocked!

It looks as if stretching the Apple innovation a bit too far. To say the least, the redone tablet is a mockery on what we believe is a great innovation. Sporting a price tag that reads a hefty $19,999, the diamond encrusted iPad comes about as a bad decision from the part of whoever has thought of making it so.  The size grows with the diamond coat and that itself is a put off. Wonder why people make certain great innovations look so silly. The price is another mockery.

The diamond crusted iPad has been offered as a device decked up with 11.43 carats of the precious stones, VS2/SI1 in clarity, and has a grade G/H in color. No doubt, the specs have everything in it to lure the rich, but when it comes to the genuine enthusiasts of the technology marvel, this new piece really falls flat.

If you are one of those who fall in the rich bracket, you are free to go pick one. The Mervis site says orders will be available on June 1 and that there are only very limited quantities available. Buy it or dump it, the decision is yours.

(Via MervisDiamond)

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