Internet Explorer 9 Platform previewed ; features hardware accelerated HTML5, new faster Javascript Engine and more

March 16, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Microsoft has been going to town at the MIX10 about their with demos and tidbits on their upcoming Windows Phone 7 series. It turns out,  thats not the only thing they want to talk about.  Today, they put the spotlight on Internet Explorer 9. And the major points of interest are the hardware accelerated HTML5 support and the new improved javascript engine.

In benchmarks, the new Javascript Engine far outperforms IE8. In its current state, it is still lagging behind Google Chrome, Safari and Opera 10.5 but gets a little ahead of Firefox 3.6. Further improvements are expected as they tweak the code. One way that Microsoft has sped up the work is by delegating Javascript execution to a separate thread in the background, sometimes even running on a different processor core. This is their move to take better advantage of multicore processors that are extremely common today.

Now this is not the official launch of IE9 or anything. Its Microsoft’s “Platform Preview”. They are also promising a new updated preview every eight weeks in the run up to the Release Client. You can get hold the Platform Preview build here and try it out.

Via SlashGear

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