Apple iPad accessories to take a while before they start shipping; expect the add-ons only by May 2010

March 16, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The iPad is almost here, but will Apple get all the accessories to the customer on time? It seems like the customer who gets to lay his hands on the iPad might have to wait a bit more to play with the accessories. For, most of the iPad add-ons may have to wait beyond April to get on to shipping mode and this includes the iPad Keyboard Dock.

That is exactly what the Apple Store has been telling us. If what we hear is right, the add-ons, including the iPad Keyboard Dock and also the spare iPad power adapter, may be delayed beyond May 2010 before they finally reach us. Among the many accessories that might get delayed beyond April are the official iPad Case, iPad Dock and iPod Dock to VGA Adapter. If you would remember, these add ons were supposed to ship in time for April 3 deliveries of the iPad.  It is now being said that even the iPad Case would come only after the middle of April. However, the consolation is that the iPad Dock and iPad to VGA Converter would arrive as promised along with the April 3 launch of the tablet.

(Via Everything iPad)

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