Apple Releases 4.0.5 Update for Safari Browser

March 12, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

In about two weeks, there’s going to be a browser hacking contest in Vancouver, British Columbia – and it seems that Apple are preparing for the event accordingly, having just patched 16 exploits in their Safari browser – 12 of them were actually critical bugs that could be used for a takeover.

The browser has been updated both for Mac OS X and Windows, and the current version is 4.0.5. According to the organizers of the Pwn2Own contest, Safari is expected to be the first browser to fall, as researchers will be competing to win $40,000 in prize money.

Safari’s last update was November 2009, introducing fixes for seven bugs. Apple have commented on the new update, stating that 12 of the exploits were related to arbitrary code execution, which means that those flaws could’ve effectively been used to compromise a machine completely and gain total control over it.

While we also don’t expect much from Safari in the contest, we’re certainly eager to see which browser turns out to be the toughest this year, and which will fall most quickly.

[ Via PCWorld ]

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