LG LX9900 3D televisions for home audiences seen set for May; Blu-Ray Disc player BX580 to tag on

March 11, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The 3D portfolio that LG has been holding forth is expanding. LG will be bringing to the market place new products on its 3D platform. The company had during the past few months rolled out a slew of 3D TVs for a wider audience. It is now taking a shift in strategy and bringing in the 3D television sets to the home audiences. Expected to debut in May in the UK,  the new products promise to change the way you watch television in the comfort of your couch.

The strategy has been carted out in a manner that customers would get to lay their hands on 3D TV.  Christened  LX9900, the products will come combined with LG’s Blu-Ray Disc player BX580. Variants of 47-inch and 55-inch would be offered, and each will come boasting of active shutter glasses for the 3D technology.

Other features would include TruMotion 400Khz, 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, Bluetooth, DLNA, wireless AV link. LG will also launch its new Blu-Ray player along with the 3D TVs so that customers could pick one while they are on their TV shopping trip.

We hear LG would most probably attach a price tag that would read something like £3000 for the 47-inch variation, and £4000 for the 55-incher. The info we have are for the UK market. Alongside, the Blu-Ray players would come for around £350. We are just hoping that May dawns faster than usual.

(Via PocketLint)

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