iPhone 4G and iPad to get More Gesture Support as Hinted by iPhone 3.2 beta SDK

March 11, 2010, By Atul Roach

While the world eagerly awaits the next generation Apple iPhone, we are getting hints about the probable future iPhone 4G features, courtesy of the iPhone 3.2 beta SDK. It was the same SDK which made experts speculate the front-facing camera notion as the update facilitates video calling and interestingly, Vodafone upped the tariffs to accommodate video calling charges in future for the iPhone, which somewhat guarantees the front-facing camera presence on iPhone 4G.

Now iPhone 3.2 beta SDK has revealed support for some ‘novel gestures’ and the same could be available on the iPhone 4G which is yet to be detailed in any context.

The list of gestures that will be supported after the SDK update on the current generation iPhone are listed in the image above. It is interesting to note the presence of Pinch-in, Pinch-out and Swipe Left in the list where the real novelties are 3Tap and LongPress.

Whether the iPad will also come with support for such gestures remains to be seen, but with SDK 3.2 supporting the gestures for the iPhone 3GS, the availability of these gesture controls on the iPhone 4G can be expected. [via: Nexus404]

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