Sony PlayStation 3 Ropes in Six Major Studios to Offer HD Movies in US; Rental and Purchase

March 10, 2010, By Atul Roach

Let us put to rest the debate of the best gaming console for the unanimous answer will definitely be the PlayStation 3 from Sony, especially after you finish reading this post. Sony has hit the nail on its head by roping in all six major studios in the US to offer HD movies to the PS3 owners.

The studios that have signed an exclusive deal with Sony are- Fox, Disney, Paramount, Universal, Warner and Sony. Courtesy of this deal, the owners of PS3 Console in the US can now rent or purchase a number of High Definition movies.

Sony aims to make PlayStation Network the complete entertainment network which offers a wide-ranging of entertainment power through the PS3 gaming console.

While the Americans get to try out the HD offerings through PS3 consoles first, Sony is in no mood to ignore UK, France, Germany and Spain as well with promises being made to offer similar services soon.

From the currently available lot, for me, Universal has the best variety as it is offering Inglourious Basterds, and Public Enemies and Sony Pictures could also entertain with 2012. [via: nexus404]

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