Sony 3D Glasses Price-Tag Burn a Hole in the Pocket

March 10, 2010, By Atul Roach

Sony made resounding promises to price their 3DTVs much cheaper than those being manufactured by Panasonic but it seems that Sony is covering up the losses with its overly priced 3D glasses.

For a family of four, the 3D sun glasses set will cost a shocking $587 and this includes the charge for the $55 Infra-red emitter. The emitter isn’t some accessory but a connected gadget which will complete the HD experience while viewing a 3DTV through the 3D Shutter Glasses.

After the release of movies like Avatar, the whole concept of creating and viewing movies is being revamped but even then, such a high pricing of these 3D glasses isn’t justified.

Where a cinema goer just has to pay a couple of dimes extra for the 3D experience, he will always prefer the cinemas than to get a 3DTV home and then bear the extra expense of such glasses.

Individually, the TDG-BR100 and TDG-BR50 active shutter glasses will cost $133 each and these should be available in Japan by June this year. Just in case if you plan to buy the Sony LX900 television, you will be relieved enough to receive a pair of free 3D glasses, but then, the Sony LX900 itself costs a scorching $3,900.

Some smarter people who were at the CES this year have already promised a cheaper set of such 3D shutter glasses, so the wise thing to do is to wait. [via: Coated]

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