JooJoo spruced up ahead of release; tablet with new UI and Flash likely to start shipping on March 25

March 10, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The JooJoo tablet has got a new stylish user interface just ahead of a launch schedule. What we have been looking at till now has been a plain UI, but thinks are definitely changing as the run up to the launch is happening fast. The new improved JooJoo comes trendy with customizable wallpaper. The most significant aspect bout the enhancement is that the JooJoo tablet now comes with a single-touch UI for a virtual mouse pointer and dual-touch for scrolling. The color too has changed from black to a lighter champagne hue.

It is believed that the single-touch interface for a virtual mouse pointer and dual-touch for scrolling would come handy when browsing Google Maps and the like. The customizable wallpaper feature apart, the JooJoo also comes with a translucent bar that combines both status and a web address field. In effect, the new UI comes so charming.

Making the most of the delay in launch, the JooJoo maker has tried to upgrade many an aspect in the tablet. One such area that has been given some extra focus is the keyboard, which looks smaller and movable post-spruce up. Other additions include the entry of Flash, which has been implemented. With this feature enabled, the viewer recognizes YouTube-friendly H.264 videos and other similar formats. You will be able to play supported formats from a USB drive.

Likely to start shipping on March 25, the new enhanced JooJoo tablet has kept the $499 tag unchanged even after the additions. What we like about the device is the large screen and the trendier UI. The limited 4GB of storage may be a matter of concern, but then the 1080p video support is an absolute lure.

(Via Engadget)

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