iPad Launch Seen as an Opportunity for Verizon Wireless

March 10, 2010, By Atul Roach

There are talks about Apple ending its iPhone exclusivity with AT&T but that has never just happened, indeed, Apple is ready with the specific AT&T data plans for the iPad, which is the next big product Cupertino has high hopes from. Now amidst all this, consider this leaked memo for the VZW staff members which shows how hopeful Big Red is about the iPad arrival despite the prevalent hopelessness.

Apple is never thinking about VZW apparently but, VZW is thinking of making some good money with the Apple iPad for which the staff members are being given tips as reflected in this memo.

VZW is wanting to push customers based on the fact that the WiFi enabled version of the iPad is capable enough and there is no need to shell an extra $130 for a 3G enabled iPad.

As per VZW, the users can manage without 3G by integrating MiFi on the WiFi laden iPad. VZW has also thrown light on the fact that the AT&T 3G network is overloaded and going for a subscribed AT&T plan on the 3G laden Tablet could troublesome.

VZW somewhere forgets to mention the $60 charge for the monthly MiFi subscription which is the real catch. Compare it over a period of time and the AT&T plan is seemingly a better option. [via: Ubergizmo]

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