Apple iPhone gears up for China re-entry; Smartphone to support Chinese standard WAPI

March 10, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After a not so comfortable attempt that fell flat in October, Apple is doing it again. As everyone is aware, Apple had last October tried to pierce the China mart with its iPhone. But then Apple and the carrier – Unicom – were directed by the China government to put into use the Chinese standard of Wi-Fi called WAPI and not Wi-Fi. Things had taken a lousy turn and Apple called it quits.  Apple is now bouncing back with a vengeance, it seems.

Apple and Unicom have now come up with something new and will be able to offer it to the Chinese market once again, say reports. When we say new, we mean that Apple will be coming back to China with a re-designed version of its popular iPhone, along with Chinese standard WAPI capabilities. The smartphone, if it succeeds in entering China once again, will comply with all state laws including support for WAPI wireless internet, it has been said.

Unicom has, in the meantime, said it would be looking to sell the iPhone at a competitive price in order to cope with competition from the cheaper fake versions. Fake models of the smartphone are available by the dozen in grey markets across the red nation. We are just waiting to know how Apple would be handling the situation.

(Via ITProPortal)

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