Windows Phone 7 series will support 3D gaming with hardware acceleration

March 9, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Microsoft has been holding their cards pretty close since they announced their upcoming Windows Phone 7 series at the MWC 2010.  That will be changing soon at the Game Developer’s Conference this week, where they are all set to unveil their new XNA Game Studio 4.0, which includes support for the Windows Phone 7 series. It will support integration with Visual Studio 2010 and allow developers to make slight modifications to their game to run it on each platform separately ( PC, Xbox, Windows Phone 7 etc. )

One of the more significant things that Microsoft mentioned was that XNA 4.0 will include hardware accelerated 3D API for Windows Phone 7 Series.  This is not exactly surprising given that Zune does support 3D games. But its good to hear that advanced 3D gaming will be the standard, rather than the exception for the new mobile platform. There is also talk of Xbox Live integration. Microsoft is silent right now about multiplayer gaming on the Windows Phone but more details should be coming out soon.

Via Engadget

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