HTC Supersonic Teaser Video Spotted: Official Announcement Around the Corner

March 9, 2010, By Atul Roach

We’ve discussed how the HTC Supersonic might be a threat to the Droid and Nexus One Android Supremacy and it appears that the nemesis arrival is around the corner.

We are beating the rap, courtesy of a briefly spotted glimpse of the Spring endorsed HTC Supersonic teaser video, and seemingly even the smartphone images that leaked back in January match the device spotted in the video. (video after the cut)

No official detail about the HTC Supersonic is known until date but, whatever has been speculated gives us hope that this is the next big thing in the smartphone world and refreshingly, it does not bear an Apple logo.

This may be the first Sprint phone to come blessed with WiMAX components which implies that Sprint might have finally revealed a 4G capable phone.

The big talking doesn’t just end here as rumors are ripe about Android 3.0 on board and that coupled with a 1GHz Snapdragon devil means that the Supersonic will be one heck of a phone.

Topping the spec sheet may be a Super AMOLED screen and that could be the icing on the delicious looking cake.

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