Google Apps Marketplace unveiled; third-party developers now have an online mart to vend their ware

March 9, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Are you a developer who has a set of apps to sell? If yes, head for the new Google Apps Marketplace.  The search major has lined up the online store where the developer in you can churn out stuff and vend them to the cool 25 million users of Google Apps. Significant is the fact that the third-party apps would be integrated with Google’s, so that users can access them just by logging into Google Apps. This means the apps can access data within Google Apps. Sounds encouraging, doesn’t it?

Google, for allowing third-party developers to showcase their apps on the Google Apps Marketplace, would collect 20 percent of the revenue earned by third-party apps. The good news for developers is that their wares get integrated with Google products. Who doesn’t know that Google products are a core part of many users’ jobs, and have huge access to a larger audience.

The Google Apps Marketplace, announced at the Campfire One event for developers in Mountain View, is one great move from an ever-innovating giant. What next Google?

(Via VentureBeat)

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