Blizzard Denies World of Warcraft to be a Console Game Ever

March 9, 2010, By Atul Roach

If you had the desire to ever play a massively multiplayer online game on your Sony or Microsoft gaming consoles, be rest assured that it will never be the World of Warcraft from Blizzard. As per the games lead producer J. Allen Brack from Blizzard, it is almost unlikely that WOW will ever be played on gaming consoles.

He did acknowledge that a MMO on a console will be widely successful but its very very difficult to achieve the task. One of the major problems with reference to the WOW is its keyboard-centric nature and the whole notion of transferring all related keyboard controls onto a gamepad is a challenging ask.

Even if Blizzard thinks about particular consoles, there are related technical issues where the PS3 does have an integrated hard drive but then, the Xbox 360 lacks the same which makes it all the more complicated.

If Blizzard is somehow convinced to develop the game for consoles, the time consumed for developing such a vast MMO will be a problem and the involved risk is the life-cycle of the consoles itself. [via: Techradar]

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