AT&T Motorola Backflip Won’t Run a Completely Open Source Android

March 9, 2010, By Atul Roach

It is intriguing to see the way AT&T always tries to stamp its authority on all its products by coming up with some complication or the other and this time, it is the just outed Motorola Backflip which is at the recipient end. The version of Google Android OS running on the Motorola Backflip behaves differently from the way it runs on other smartphones-it does not support unofficial Android applications.

It is a complicated thing to run an unofficial app. on an Android device as it demands a developers kit, so the layman isn’t concerned or interested about this report but, the drawback still exists.

Android has always been touted as a completely open source platform and this kind of a restriction makes one ponder over the open source claim. Of course, it is clear that Google has not got anything to do with this but then, even AT&T does not clarify the imposition of this restriction.

Unofficial applications do exist for Android and specific (although rare) users also have a dev. kit to get them running on their handsets but it will not be the case with the Motorola Backflip. [via: geeky-gadgets]

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