HP Slate demoed ; features Flash support with possible hardware acceleration

March 8, 2010, By Thomas Antony

What is supposed to be the most probably competitor to Apple’s iPad, the new HP Slate has been demoed at a rock concert today, and by the looks of it, there might be Flash capability and Windows 7 under the hood. First time we’ve seen it was at CES when Steve Ballmer was waving it here and there. Now a cool video has come out from Adobe showing off its Flash-compatibility as well as other features.

The iPad has received a lot of criticism for lacking Flash support, multitasking support, and a proper operating system in general. HP hopes to pull some of the disgruntled fans by offering a full PC running Windows 7, in the tablet form factor. And so, yes, it supports multitasking, and it can be seen playing Flash videos, running AIR applications and running casual Flash games.

It has an on-screen keyboard that looks like a slightly modified version of the  default Windows-7 keyboard. One interesting tit-bit is that Flash is supposedly hardware accelerated in the HP Slate. Its possible that it is an Atom+Broadcom Crystal HD Accelerator GPU but of course it can be something else entirely.

Via Engadget

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