Asus readying iPad Killer, believes the Apple Tablet is just one big iPhone

March 5, 2010, By Atul Roach

Asus is pretty confident about the success of its future product, the Eee Pad, and it believes that the Apple iPad offers nothing which the Asus branded tablet cannot achieve. The Asus systems business group VP Eric Chen also endorses the belief that the iPad is nothing but a ‘big iPhone’ and as per him, the iPad will not be able to hold its market share like the iPhone, as better tablets will soon be on offer from various competitors.

It isn’t Asus that directly pipped the upcoming Eee Pad as the Apple Tablet killer but then, with no direct product references being made, we are bound to guess that a smallish Eee Pad will match the iPad might.

Chen is confident about the future Asus tablets especially because of a multi-device strategy, where Asus branded tablets could cater separately to business and home needs with different tablets.

The Asus Eee Pad should be out in the market by Q3 2010 after its Computex showcasing and this too will be an advantage over the iPad. The Apple iPad will make people more familiar to tablets and then the Eee Pad will have a customer base ready, unlike the iPad which solely depends on hype for sales. [via: Electronista]

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