Valve’s Steam Platform and Half-Life Games Coming to Apple Mac Soon

March 4, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Steam, Valve’s content distribution platform, has recently received a huge UI overhaul, bringing a sleek new interface to it. Some watchful users however, noticed components apparently designed for the Mac OS X. This, coupled with some verified reports of Valve recruiting Mac engineers, was pretty strong evidence that the game developer was bringing their platform to the Mac soon.

And today, those rumors came to an almost official confirmation, when MacRumors revealed a teaser image coming directly from Valve, showing the main protagonist in Valve’s flagship title Half-Life, Gordon Freeman, wearing a modified version of his suit featuring an Apple logo on his chest. The title for the image read “In anticipation of an upcoming announcement from Valve.”

There were other similar images released, obvious references to various Apple ads – for example, turrets from Team Fortress 2 and Portal in a “Hi, I’m a Mac” ad, and a character from Team Fortress 2 in an iPod-like ad. Last but not least, an image styled like an old newspaper ad talking about the upcoming release of Steam for the Mac.

[ Via MacRumors ]

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