Tata Nano EV Concept Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

March 4, 2010, By Atul Roach

If anyone from the Indian Subcontinent is thinking about green cars, it is Tata Motors, as the automobile manufacturer has already launched the Indica Vista EV and it is currently at the Geneva Motor Show showcasing the ‘might’ of its puny Tata Nano EV Concept. Nano is the smallest mass-produced automobile in the world and Tata promises that the electric version will match the standard 600cc Nano to the finest detail when it comes to drive quality.

The addition of Li-ion batteries makes no difference to the seating arrangement as the Nano EV will also seat four passengers while the combined power-train will give the EV an overall range of 160 kilometers.

It may not match the performance standards set by the current EV benchmark Tesla Roadster but, the Nano EV drivers will still enjoy a 0 to 60 km/h acceleration of under 10 seconds.

From what we know, Nano Europa will hit the European dealerships in a couple of years which means that the Nano EV will also be available around the same time as Tata intends to sell this electrified variant side-by-side with the standard one. [via: Autobloggreen]

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