Google SearchWiki replaced by More Organic results friendly ‘Starred Results’

March 4, 2010, By Atul Roach

Google SearchWiki will be remembered as a search engine feature which turned into a fiasco within a span of 16 months and now the internet giant has decided to replace it with a more friendly and less complicated-starred results. SearchWiki was a feature for logged-in users who could annotate and re-order search results and as per Google, the users who did have some SearchWiki edits shall be able to preserve them despite the starred results replacement.

Starred results or simply ‘stars’ will enable users to bookmark most frequently visited pages and therefore those pages will appear automatically in case of similar keyword searches in the future.

These starred results will appear above (separately) the usual Google’s algorithmic results which implies that the first 10 results Google returns to a normal (not user specific) search will also be on display.

The best part of this replacement ‘stars’ is that a searched result will include starred items from other Google searches such as News and Maps. Google believes that SearchWiki was replaced as users liked marking websites for future use but the idea of altering Google’s organic search wasn’t appreciated.[via: Techwhack]

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