Apple iPad Release Date Updated

March 4, 2010, By Atul Roach

This bit of information comes across as a breath of fresh air for Apple iPad freaks who had sullen faces after an AP endorsed report claiming a delayed launch of the Apple Tablet. Those faces need to cheer up as the Apple inventory is absolutely on track and the scheduled release this month will see no changes being made.

The AP report mentioned that Apple will either have to cut down on the number of units released to 300,000 in March and not a million or else the entire launch will have to be delayed as a Taiwan-based supplier of Apple products was facing production woes.

Contradicting the AP report, a BGR claim states that the Asian component suppliers have their resources for the iPad on schedule. Further expanding on the details of the supply, the suppliers have revealed that they will be ready with around 700,000 WiFi laden iPads in March and a million 3G laden units in April relying on the current resources they have.

Another hot rumor is that the WiFi enabled Apple Tablet shall be up for the grabs by March 26 while the 3G version will make it to the market in April-are you endorsing it? [via: PRNews]

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