Nokia and Alpine to Produce Navigation Systems for Cars

March 3, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

When it comes to Nokia, Ovi Maps have played quite a major role in their actions for the past few weeks, since they gave it away for free – and it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone that a hardware manufacturer is showing interest in using the turn-by-turn navigation in cars.

If your car has an Alpine car system with either a dashboard or speakers, then you should be able to connect your Nokia phone through Bluetooth or USB directly, and navigation will be displayed by Ovi Maps on your dashboard. Integration is full, as your car will be able to play back navigation updates and music through its own speakers, and it will even give you important updates concerning about your fuel level and engine health.

As of now, there haven’t been any products shown, but it seems that this mode will be made available on Nokia’s handsets very soon – so if you’re looking for an efficient navigation system, this may prove to be a very viable choice.

[ Via Gizmodo ]

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