Google to Stand by HTC in Their Upcoming Legal Battle Against Apple

March 3, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

With all the recent talk about the lawsuit launched by Apple against HTC over patent infringements, it was curious to see when Google would finally actually react – after all, the whole ordeal seems to revolve around the operating system on HTC’s device, the Android.

Google haven’t officially done anything yet, though a spokesperson made a public statement giving a hint of what’s about to happen soon: “We are not a party to this lawsuit. However, we stand behind our Android operating system and the partners who have helped us to develop it.”

It’s not yet clear how exactly Google will help HTC’s legal battle – they could contribute money, manpower, or something else – though it’s expectable to see Eric Schmidth’s people involved when the lawsuit reaches a courtroom at last.

HTC have made a short statement, in which they state that they believe in consumer choice as a driving force behind the industry’s success, and that their actions aren’t directly hindering anyone’s potential progress.

[ Via Engadget ]

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