Google Nexus One to arrive in UK this April; Vodafone to be the carrier

March 3, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Nexus One is finally making its way to the UK.  Come April, and the Google smartphone will be available in the UK. However, it is being said that device will only be available to purchase online, direct from Google.   

The Google Nexus One smartphone is most likely to hop on to the Vodafone network , as the carrier would be Google’s first partner of choice. The smartphone has already generated a lot of attention ever since it was rolled out during the first week of 2010.

In the meantime, as a run up to the start of sales in the UK, Google is relying more on word-of-mouth publicity for the Nexus One. It may also resort to doing some T-shirt graffiti so that the name of the brand would stay fresh in people’s minds. The UK sales arena is being looked at with much hope by the search giant as of now. As you may be aware, the US hasn’t seen too much sales as expected. A relook of the sales numbers in the US market would provide unimpressive figures. It remains to be seen as to how Google will try and push up sales of the Nexus One among the British public.

(Via Tech Watch)

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