TiVo Premiere and Premier XL digital video recorders to arrive this April; to sell for $299.99 and $499.99 respectively

March 2, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

New digital video recorders will debut from the TiVo stables during early April. The new devices, christened TiVo Premiere and Premier XL, would come across as new digital video recorders that combine broadcast and online content much better than ever before.  The new boxes are expected t o bring in some amount of relief to TiVo that has been finding it tough in the face of competition from cable companies.

The TiVo Premiere and Premier XL will run Adobe Flash software. It is a known fact that cable companies have successfully continued to offer customers less sophisticated digital video recorders as part of their overall cable plans. TiVo is likely to tide over the competition it faces owing to such a situation with the roll out of the two new boxes. The two new devices are expected to allow customers search for television shows airing on satellite and cable channels, and present them with related material from YouTube and online movie sources, the WSJ says in a report.

Significant about the new devices is their HD video storage capabilities. While, the TiVo Premiere box will store up to 45 hours of high-definition video, the Premiere XL box will store up to 150 hours of HD video. TiVo plans to attach a price tag of $299.99 to the TiVo Premiere box, while the Premiere XL box will sell for $499.99.

(Via WSJ)

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