Playstation Network Problems Solved, PSN Access Restored After Leap Year Bug

March 2, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Yesterday we reported that the PlayStation Network is experiencing technical difficulties and users have been unable to connect to it. Well, now the problem has been resolved, and all PS owners can successfully reconnect to the network.

Details on the problem may bring a smile to the face of experienced computer programmers though – and even not so experienced ones. Do you remember the infamous Y2K bug from 10 years ago? Well, it seems Sony were a bit behind schedule with this one – the PlayStation had 2010 programmed in as a leap year, causing it to set the date to Feb 29 after the 28th, and become unable to connect to the network.

The problem affects all of Sony’s PS models except the PS3 Slim, which was apparently the only correctly programmed one. If you’re an owner of a console model that’s been affected, don’t worry – the solution is really simple. Just disconnect it from the Internet, reboot it and reset its time/date, and you should be good to go.

[ Via BusinessWeek ]

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