Palm Pixi Price Cut to Hurt Palm Pre Sales

March 1, 2010, By Alex Ion

In an effort to boost sales, not too long ago Sprint have slashed the Palm Pixi price by a half, from $99.99 to $49.99, but from what we’re hearing, it my not be the best move when it comes to Palm Pre sales. Or that’s according to CL King analyst, Lawrence Harris, who said that “inevitably this will hurt Palm’s profits”.

The bigger problem, however, is that it looks like US wireless carriers are having a tough time selling their Palm inventory, which in English (for us) would translate in low demand from customers. But that could easily be solved with better marketing, says Palm. But is it?

If we were to change something, we’d go for larger screens and keyboards, so Palm, how about you update your Pre (soon going to be 1 year old) with better specs and then ask for more marketing? Because as they are right now, it’s not really worth for mobile operators to invest money advertising smartphones that won’t sell.

Got that Palm? We sure hope you did …

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