HTC HD2 Has Too Many Buttons For Windows Phone 7, OS Update Ruled Out

March 1, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

HTC gave a slight hint at the possibility of a Windows Phone 7 update for their HTC HD2, but this all fell apart now as Microsoft denied this. The reason they’ve given is rather odd – the device apparently has too many buttons.

Of course, completely unexpectedly, the device meets Microsoft’s requirements for the update in terms of hardware with its 1GHz Qualcomm CPU, but the problem is that Windows Phone 7 requires three buttons on the device, while the HD2 has five, which completely rules out an OS update – as stated by Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business General Manager Natasha Kwan.

Tony Wilkinson, who currently heads Microsoft Australia’s Business Operations, states that there may be more to the issue than just the number of buttons. According to him, some of the required hardware components are not present in the HD2, which is actually the major issue with the OS update.

So, it looks like it’s no dice for HD2 owners – though still, remember that the device you have is more than useful even without this.

[ Via APCMag ]

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