Symbian^4 User Interface Official On Video, Nokia Symbian^4 Looks Sleek But Won’t Impress

February 26, 2010, By Alex Ion

I don’t know about you guys, but my expectations from Nokia’s latest mobile OS, Symbian^4, are pretty high. And although the company says they have learned from their own mistakes in time, seeing the new Symbian^4 user interface in action is something that somehow fails to impress as it’s far from being the revolutionizing operating system we’re expecting from the Finnish manufacturer.

Nokia have released today the official videos of their new Symbian^4 OS and by the looks of it, although sleek, it’s nothing ground breaking. Symbian^4 comes with new, flexible desktop widgets and allows you to add information trinklets that include a clock or a weather app.

The new OS has the same familiar touchscreen layout that we’re used with, has three homescreen panes that come with some new transition animations and proves to be very touch-centric.

Although far from wow-ing us, the new Symbian^4 has 12 more months of fine tuning before Nokia will have it running on their latest smartphones, so let’s hope they’ll come up with something that actually makes it worthy. Meanwhile, spend some time with Symbian^3 from Q3 2010.

Do you guys like the new Symbian^4 OS?

[via TFTS]

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