UK yet to be told what price the Apple iPad would sell for

February 25, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

iPad enthusiasts in the UK are a confused lot.  They are just waiting for the device to hit stores, but then Apple hasn’t yet told them what it would sell for. Though the US and North American markets now know the exact price, UK customers seems to have their fingers crossed over what kind of  price tag would be.

When the device got showcased by Steve Jobs last month, the details of pricing for the US were spelt out. However, the equally significant customer base the iPad would have had in the UK seems to be so vague with the pricing announcement being delayed.

This comes even after the iPad is gearing up for a gala launch in both North America and the UK next month. Even the Apple Store UK has listed the price in dollars, where as the customers would have liked it to be in Sterling Pounds.

They still aren’t clear what price the iPad would command as they are not sure what kind of a tax levy would the UK government impose on the device.

It would have been good if Apple could have at least suggested an approximate price so that customers need not have to wait till the last moment to pick their iPads.

(Via ProductReviews)

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