Honda 3R-C electric three-wheeler concept to be shown at Geneva Motor Show

February 25, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Would you opt for a car that has room only for you and some shopping bags, and runs on electric power? Oh, we said car? We mean motorcycle that looks like a tiny car.  Whatever, the concept is meant to be, Honda is all ready with the new 3R-C, that’s what the Japanese giant calls it, and is raring to go.  

The Honda 3R-C has been designed as a solo-commuting concept. Expected to arrive on the podium when the Geneva Motor Show opens next week, the appearance will have to be seen as the Honda 3R-C’s world debut.

Here’s more on the e-vehicle’s specs. We wouldn’t blame you if you think this car is a motorcycle when you look at it from the rear. The concept vehicle exactly looks a lot like a motorcycle from the rear and, of course, runs on three wheels. With a low-mounted drive train that provides for a low center of gravity and added stability, the concept comes covered by a clear canopy just above the driver’s seat. The canopy in fact comes in handy when the vehicle is in the parking lot. Lo and behold, the canopy quickly transforms itself into a windshield when it starts running.

Conceived by European designers working at Honda’s Research and Design facility in Milan, the Honda 3R-C looks like the perfect vehicle to run errands. We think we can use it on our shopping rounds. Hope the concept turns real soon.

(Via USAToday)

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