Asus EeePCs 1015P, 1016P and 1018P may surface at CeBIT; 10.1-inch devices likely to lure

February 25, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Three new 10.1-inch Asus EeePCs are all set to debut when the curtains go up on CeBIT this time around.  All we manage to unearth is this info and a handful of scarce specs. However, it is expected that Asus would be bringing in charmers of the top slot when it lifts the wraps off the three machines. Gear up for some exclusive gear from Asus soon.

The three EeePCs, namely the EeePC 1015P,  1016P and 1018P are being described as Asus’ attempt at making the notebook market more vibrant. While the EeePC 1015P comes similar to an earlier model which went by the name 1005P, the new EeePC is expected to pack more punch into itself by way of features such as Screen Matte and shiny frame, webcam and dual array micro EeePC. The machine incorporates cuts down on the number of LEDs in the bottom right of the frame to 4. Likely to come in an aluminum shell, the EeePC 1015P could sport an ultra-wide touchpad.

Meanwhile, the EeePC 1016P is another laptop that Asus would intro along with the 1015P. Though not many details have been revealed or dug out, it is expected to be placed in the same slot as to battle popular models from Lenovo and the like. The machine could well be aimed specifically at the working professional.

Luxury is one aspect that Asus seems to be throwing in while designing the EeePC 1018P. Slimmer than the other the two, the 1018P would have a trendy keyboard, better touchpad and a smooth fingerprint reader. It would also come boasting of a USB 3.0.  

So, as we said those were some sketchy details that have surfaced. We hope Asus would bring in more info on the new EeePC models soon. We wonder what kind of a price tag would be attached to these latest EeePCs.

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