AT&T Rumored to Debut the HTC Desire, Release Date Expected for May or June

February 24, 2010, By Alex Ion

Those across the Atlantic who hate Europeans for getting all of HTC’s latest smartphones in the coming weeks, are in for a treat as we’re hearing that AT&T is going to debut the HTC Desire for its customers, sometime in May or June. It goes without saying that we know AT&T may not be your favorite carrier, but if things turn out to be true, you’ll have one of the world’s most powerful Android-powered smartphone on sale in the US.

Sure, there’s the Nexus One already selling on T-Mobile, but that’s no way near as cool as the HTC Desire which runs Sense UI and has an optical trackpad instead of a clickable trackball. On the other side, the Nexus One is supposedly going to get all Android updates faster than any other phone on the market, and, we know for sure it can run Sense UI, so you think the decision becomes harder and harder?

It does sound like AT&T is keeping its promises, as they been rumored to debut an Android handset in the first half of 2010, and the HTC Desire sounds like a smart candidate to go with.

How about that Verizon, are you guys going to learn something from all this?

(BGR via TFTS)

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