Acer e-reader not to arrive in the near future; plans put on backburner

February 24, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here’s some disappointment coming your way. Acer’s plans to hop on to the e-reader bandwagon have been kept in the freezer, at least for now. The reason being said is that Acer would like to learn how feasible its business model would be than go for a product at the moment. It seems like the world’s second largest PC maker thinks that the e-reader market would take a while to evolve and prove itself.

Significant is the fact that the new decision comes much after the PC maker had tested prototypes of what could have been its e-reader. The e-reader mart is already getting crowded with new players bringing on their devices one after the other. If you didn’t know,  electronics maker BenQ Corp and publisher Yuan-Liou Publishing Co had introduces their versions of the e-reader last month in the Taipei marketplace. We are just left to wonder why Acer suddenly thought it would be right to have its device in the market when others are raring to go.

According to Acer’s top officials, the size of the e-reader market is not that big and the industry has yet to come up with a proven business model. In such a scenario, Acer seems to be more interested in watching how popular e-readers could be among the customers. So that means, though the company has the hardware ready, it wouldn’t mull over an e-reader splash in the near future.

(Via Taipei Times)

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