SanDisk ships the new G3 SSD – runs twice as fast as a 7200 rpm HDD

February 23, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Solid State Storage is the future in storage technology. It is already becoming very common in the high-end computer enthusiast desktops and laptops. Prices per GB are dropping every day and new faster and higher capacity models keep coming. The latest contendor is SanDisk with their new G3 SSD which is supposed to be a real screamer when it comes to speed. It will be available in both 60GB and 120 GB capacities and is supposed to double the speed of a typical 7,200 rpm HDD, with read speeds of upto 220 MB/s and write speeds of upto 120 Mb/s.

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One of the problems usually associated with SSDs is its supposedly low lifetime. But this has been  blown out of proportion a lot. SanDisk gives a life of upto 80 TB of data writes on the 120 GB G3 SSD before you experience any issue. They use their own ExtremeFFS system to randomize flash memory use and apply load leveling. The SSD also comes with a 10 year warranty. Now the only thing left to do would be to buy a couple of these .. or more and RAID them to get some real awesome data rates.

The new SanDisk S3 SSDs are priced at $229.99 for the 60GB version and $399.99 for the 120GB SSD. They’ll also be available in the UK at £199.99 and £349.99 respectively.

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