Samsung bringing out C7000, C8000 and C9000 3D LED TVs in US and Europe

February 23, 2010, By Thomas Antony

You couldn’t turn a corner at the CES 2010 show without bumping into some 3D display. 3D content is going big this year on cable and satellite providers. 3D Blu-ray movies are also coming along with a bunch of new 3D Blu-ray players and an update for the PS3 to support 3D is coming as well.

Samsung is all set to enter the game with their new big-screen 3D LED TVs. Their new line of 3D LED TVs will be coming to Sears this March. Similar models are being introduced in Europe around the same timeframe.

More details below.

Sears will be offering a 46-inch 3D LED TV for $2599.99, and a larger 55-inch 3D set will be offered at $3,299.99 . The new models to be introduced in Europe will include the C7000, the C8000 and C9000 models. The smallest of these will be of 40 inches and use the Samsung exclusive 200 Hz processor. Along with it, Samsung is also reportedly going to release the new BD-C6900 3D Blu-Ray player in Europe at the same time.

Via SlashGear

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