webOS 1.4 launch plan has a new date: February 25

February 22, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here’s a new date for the webOS 1.4 launch. As you may be aware, we all have been waiting for February 15 to come and give us the update. But then, the date is long gone and now come rumors of a new date. Tipsters tell us that the update could arrive on February 25.

A source within Verizon Wireless has been quoted as saying that the webOS 1.4 could see the light of the day on February 25. This, coupled with a Palm statement that said webOS 1.4 was expected to arrive in February, has made the expectations hop on to a higher plane.

Ever wondered what the webOS 1.4 will have to offer you? From what we learn, it is expected to bring video recording, compatibility with Flash 10.1, minor speed improvements. It might also come with an LED alert by default, removing the need for a patch.

It is expected that at lease 1,00,000 devices would have the new webOS 1.4. It is also being pointed out that once the update launches, you will be able to update the app and install it for free as you would want to.

(Via PreCentral)

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