Walmart snaps up Vudu, makes online movie rental business foray

February 22, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Walmart has made the plunge into online movie rentals. The movie rental business scenario has been long been eyed by the retail behemoth and it is now that an opportunity has come knocking. Walmart is close to pocketing Vudu, a Silicon Valley startup that is into streaming movies to television sets by way of TV partnerships.

It has not been made public as to how much would the deal be worth. Vudu and Walmart have confirmed the buy plan already, which means Vudu will soon be snapped by Walmart in a deal that would give players like Netflix sleepless nights. It is a known fact that Netflix is the leader in the online movie rental business scene, but then there have been many a player who has come in of late. Netflix has been numero uno and it currently allows subscribers to stream to their computers or Roku boxes thousands of movies at no additional cost. It has also been speculated that pay-per-view full length movies is being mulled over by Google YouTube.

Vudu already has a good collection of HD titles and has been streaming movies to users over broadband. It currently offers rental movies for prices between $1 and $6, while others can be purchased for $5 to $25. With the take over by Walmart now happening, the online movie rental business is to see some good activity. Hope the subscriber ends up a winner.

(Via Wired)

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