Sony PS3 Slim Models hit FCC in New Avatars -CECH-2101A and CECH-2101B

February 22, 2010, By Atul Roach

Has Sony found a new manufacturer for its favorite wireless components or is the arrival of two new PS3 Slim variants on the FCC approval list an honest attempt to offer the gamers something ultra-exciting? The former looks more brighter a prospect as the spotted models- CECH-2101A and CECH-2101B offer nothing new going by the traits mentioned in the document. Both sport 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth which have been integrated in the previous models.

What can be hoped is that the changes are elsewhere or otherwise it implies that Sony PS3 Slim models are doing a retake at FCC and nothing more.

The nomenclature act of these models is pretty similar to the existing PS3 Slim unit which is available in 120GB and 250G versions and it is therefore understandable that the upcoming variants will repeat the the same hard drive sizes. In between them the difference of A and B is just a way to define different HDD types.

The gamers will obviously welcome a face-lift but that can merely be ‘anticipated’ as of now. [via: Engadget]

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