SanDisk 64GB Ultra SDXC: Highest Capacity Secure Digital Card from SanDisk

February 22, 2010, By Atul Roach

SanDisk is finally offering the world its best Secure Digital card in the highest capacity 64GB Ultra SDXC joining Panasonic, which made public 32GB and 64GB Ultra SDXC cards a couple of months ago. Given the standards SanDisk maintains this may be the best option out there in the niche market leaving Panasonic way beyond.

The card comes with impressive numbers where the read speed is 15MB/sec and it falls in the Class 4 speed category. Meanwhile, an exFAT file structure captures 1080p clips without any complaint of hangups making it ideal for longer HD videos storage and transfer.

Based on the minty fresh SD 3.0 specification, the SanDisk 64GB Ultra SDXC card ensures that you can choose an SDXC card reader or any other device that precisely supports the format.

A successor to the SDHC category of cards, the SDXC variety delivers the speed and capacity needed for extended HD video recording and enhanced rapid shooting of still images. Therefore the SDXC offering is ideal for professional photographers who just have to make sure that they have an SDXC card compatible camera.

The 64GB SDXC offering is priced at $350 which isn’t futuristic and waiting for competitors to arrive is the best option for that will bring down the prices. [via: Businesswire]

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