Apple iPad Pre-Orders to Begin on February 25th

February 22, 2010, By Atul Roach

The world has waited patiently enough to read this and albeit an unconfirmed prediction, it still feels good to know that the US pre-orders for the WiFi version of the Apple iPad may happen as early as February 25th. It is only the WiFi version of the Apple tablet that does not require a long time contract, which is why we can probably trust the Appadvice floated rumor. Whether Apple is ready with minor applications hailing from the iPod and iPhone territory is another query we need to look into before getting too excited.

Going by what Steve Jobs mentioned at the special event where the tablet went public, the WiFi version should be the first to arrive out of the lot but not before the last week of March. iPhone 3GS, for comparison sake, was available on pre-order but it hit the retail stores first.

Appadvice has been wrong with these assumptions before as its OLED, FM transmitter, laden iPhone 3GS never just surfaced. We still feel like trusting them despite the blemishes given the way Apple likes to surprise we gadget lovers from time to time. [via: Macrumors]

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