T-Mobile OTA updates for Samsung Behold II and Motorola Cliq Coming Soon

February 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

I know that some of you Samsung Behold II and Motorola Cliq owners on a T-Mobile plan must have started dreaming about an Android 2.1 update but the fact is that the T-Mobile OTA update for both these handsets is not happening anytime soon. This OTA will come with fixes for some bugs and other specific handset related issues as reported by the users.

For the Motorola Cliq, the update will ensure an improved- battery life, software performance and stability and widget performance. Some other fixes are obvious along with upgraded support for .WMA and .WAV media files. Also, the update will bring in a new ‘Manage SIM card’ application while it will remove the imeem mobile application.

Lesser information is available about the Samsung Behold OTA which gets an improved battery life and a better touch screen and dialer functions. The OTA will also roll in some new applications and fix the MMS, messaging and e-mail issues.

The update for the Motorola Cliq is already available while the Samsung Behold II owners will get lucky by February 25. [via: Androinica]

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