Sprint’s First WiMAX Phone to Arrive this Summer, Could be the HTC Supersonic

February 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

10 Mbps internet connectivity without the need of any cables sounds lovely and that is what WiMAX technology brings to the forefront and with Sprint announcing its first WiMAX laden handset arrival for this summer, the tech geeks are surely excited. Sprint did not mention the precise handset to be released but gadget gurus are already expecting it to be the (A9292) HTC Android Supersonic.

Sprint told Forbes about the WiMAX laden handset arrival within the first six months which has contradicted earlier reports where WiMAX capable Sprint devices were touted to arrive after Q3 2010.

It will be the business and government agencies which will first get to use the Sprint WiMAX handset as revealed by Paget Alves, Sprint’s president of Business Markets. This implies that the first handset to adore the WiMAX technology on the Sprint network will be very business friendly.

Following the release of the first WiMAX device, Sprint will release dozens of devices later in the year so even if the first handset doesn’t please your admiration, be rest assured that there are plenty to follow. [Engadget]

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