Apple iPhone 4G expected to arrive with the Samsung Super AMOLED Screen

February 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Super AMOLED is quite the bone of contention amongst cellphone manufactures but Samsung leads the race obviously because Samsung was the one to develop it. Speculation is now ripe that the next generation iPhone might also feature the Super AMOLED display although this may lead to power concerns on the smartphone. OLED screens always consume more power and given the kind of content Apple smartphone owners prefer, the iPhone 4G might conk quickly enough to annoy users.

Contrastingly, the Super AMOLED screen developed by Samsung has its advantages too as it is five times clearer and offers 20% better visibility outside. Apple will therefore have to balance the equation by using a black background with blue or white letters to minimize power consumption while mailing or browsing the web.

Another interesting fact is that the first Samsung Bada phone- Wave is also expected to feature the same display which means the iPhone 4G will not be an exclusive Super AMOLED device. Apple might therefore dump the idea as it seeks rare integrations to make its smartphones special.

If Cupertino still decides to get Super AMOLED incorporated, Samsung is the only helping hand as both brands get along nicely and Samsung is the only manufacturer of OLED’s which can meet the Apple demand.

On a concluding note, Apple should understand that the world is warmed up enough to receive the iPhone 4G and it is time when we get to know the initial details. [via: Techchee]

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