Windows Phone 7 Development Policy Leak gives a sneak-peek of the Application Platform to Developers

February 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

Windows Phone 7 release at the MWC 2010 stirred up the developers community big time and this purported Windows Phone 7 development document leak will get them even more involved. Of course, the development policy does not reveal details to the entirety but, it can sure get the developers started as they get a glimpse of the Windows Phone OS 7.0 Application Platform.

To begin with, the policy doc mentions that the operating system is developed with Silverlight and XNA hailing from the Zune HD category and the very look of the OS is a standard proof.

.NET Compact Framework was also a part of the development hinting that WP7 is a far cry from its predecessor. As far as the native applications go, they have been restricted to OEMs and mobile operators, something which will extend the experience and functionality specific to a phone or network.

The other factors revealed are pretty much common after the MWC unveiling as they talk about multi-tasking and development tools like Visual Studio 2010 and Express Blend parried with a Windows Phone emulator. [via: Engadget]

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