HP Slate to Compete Directly with the iPad

February 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Apple iPad is scheduled for a release next month and it is sure to face some fierce competition from the HP Slate PC. HP intends to tighten the competitive noose furthermore by pricing the 3G laden, Windows 7 blessed, Slate PC, below the 3G version of the iPad which features a pretty similar spec sheet as the iPad. The Apple 3G enabled iPad will cost $629 and HP intends to price Slate PC below this mark.

HP officials are meeting in US and Taiwan to finalize the features and the pricing of the Slate PC within a matter of weeks.

A few details of the Slate PC can be guessed for instance the processing unit which will most likely be an Intel Atom variant because of Windows 7 on-board. Another guess is a high minimum storage capacity as Windows 7 requires something around 16GB of drive space.

Apple has already announced the pricing of the iPad range so there is no looking back but, what could still give iPad the edge is that is a complete range whereas the Slate PC is a single product. [via: Electronista]

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