SK Telecom packs CPU, Storage and Android into a SIM

February 17, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Now I agree that miniaturization is the future. Google’s Android OS is pretty good too ( in fact I use it on my precious G1 ). SK Telecom has gone a little extreme with those two ideas and come out with something pretty awesome. It has a processing chip, memory, one gigabyte of flash storage AND an installation of Google’s Android OS, ALL on a single SIM card!

The South Korea based company is really taking a step in the right direction and the concept itself is pure genius. YOU can now not only carry your contacts, SMS etc. but your whole mobile environment, including all your applications, customizations, games and everything right along with you on a SIM card. Of course it is just a prototype right now and it would be a long time before we see SIM swappable skeleton phones with the SIM itself carrying all the processing muscle and data. I don’t how they managed to pack all that stuff onto a SIM card but it definitely IS something I would really like to get my hands on. Let us hope we get to see it in action soon.

Via Engadget

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